7 Potential Dystopian Problems of the Metaverse

The average American spends over 7 hours a day looking at a screen, with Gen Zers averaging over 9 hours a day. These numbers have been steadily increasing since the popularization of mobile internet. Now, again here we stand at the precipice of the next internet revolution. If the metaverse does truly become something that many people will be spending most of their waking hours in, then shouldn't we tread carefully into this new realm? Since last November, we have witnessed an unprecedented level of hype about the metaverse, but how about the potential problems?


11 Different Types of NFTs

Often, when people hear the word NFT (Non-Fungible Token), the first thought that comes to mind is a JPEG image of an ape with obnoxious accessories (a "Bored Ape"), or a pixilated hoodlum (a "CryptoPunk"). NFTs such as these are, for sure, the most well-known type of NFT, but in actuality, there are numerous different types of NFTs. So what are 11 different types of NFTs?


5 Long-Term Metaverse Stocks to Get In Early On in 2022

With so much hype and rapid development surrounding the metaverse, the question on a lot of people's minds is, "How can I make money from the metaverse?" There are a plethora of innovative ways of investing directly in the metaverse. However, buying traditional stocks of companies that are going to be heavily involved in building and developing the metaverse is still one of the most core methods of putting a financial stake in the metaverse. Here are 5 different companies that are set to become crucial players as humanity forges out into this strange new frontier:


What Are NFTs and Why Are People Spending Millions of Dollars on Them?

2021 saw an extreme economic explosion in the sale of NFTs, with total sales from the year hitting over $12 billion. Essentially, people have been paying unprecedented amounts of money to own JPEG images that could freely be downloaded from the internet. Why is that? •What Exactly Are NFTs? •What Makes NFTs Valuable? •What Is the Tech Behind NFTs? •Why Are NFTs So Special? •What Are Some Problems with NFTs?


12 Ways the Metaverse Will Change the World in the Near Future

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement that Facebook is rebranding as “Meta” and focusing on developing the metaverse, people have started to pay attention (and money) to the “future of the internet” (the metaverse). What exactly is the metaverse? How will the metaverse change the world? These are questions that this post will answer.


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