1) HODLing is when you don’t remember the last time you checked a timeframe lower than the daily.

2) HODLing is when you’ll go days or weeks without even checking prices.

3) HODLing is when you’re not waiting to sell, you’re waiting for the day when you can rent out your coins at a premium.

4) HODLing is when you see governments and organizations banning, restricting and controlling crypto as a good sign, a sign that they are afraid.

5) HODLing is when you’ve got better things to do than tweak out to 5-minute candles all day, so you go out and live your life.

HODLers don’t want or need to spend all day poring over charts like a drug addict on an emotional rollercoaster.

6) HODLing is when you’re not trying to get rich quick. All the money that you’ve used to buy coins with is money that you won’t need for years.

7) HODLing is when you drive by banks, and all you’re seeing in your mind is Blockbuster Video.

8) HODLing is when you understand that most of the governments and organizations bashing and banning crypto are only doing so because they are quietly rushing to centralize, control and monopolize digital currency.

Many governments (and large organizations) that have banned or advocated against cryptocurrency are currently in the process of quietly developing their own centralized digital currencies. Basically, they’ve denounced/outlawed crypto, changed the name of it and then produced their own centralized versions that they completely control.

9) HODLing is when you don’t panic sell when the traditional markets are dropping. You don’t consider your coins as an “asset“.

10) HODLing is when deciding what you’re going to have for breakfast makes you more emotional than the movements of your coins do.

Mr. Bean representing an OG HODLer.

11) HODLing is when you’ve spent years DCA-ing (dollar-cost averaging) weekly or monthly, without even really paying attention to the price.

12) HODLing is when you’re 100% certain that you’re right about something; you just need to wait for the world to catch up and realize it too.

13) HODLing is when you sleep well because you’ve “lost all your coins in a boating accident”; nothing and nobody can touch them.

Although he only bought less than 2 years ago, Michael Saylor is already an OG HODLer.

14) HODLing is when you look at fear and greed market cycles with apathy.

HODLers aren’t fazed by market cycles.

15) HODLing is when you feel fulfillment knowing that you’re doing your part in contributing to removing power from the 1% that try to control the world.

16) HODLing is when the more that governments and organizations try to ban, restrict and control crypto, the more motivated you are to keep HODLing as a f*ck you to them.

17) HODLing is when you feel solidarity with your fellow HODLers, people who truly believe in a cause.

18) HODLing is when you believe that crypto can and will seamlessly transition to clean energy.

19) HODLing is when you understand that many of the people buying crypto today are the same people who were ridiculing it in the past.

20) HODLing is when you don’t ever want a greedy intermediary to put his fat fingers into even one cent of your hard-earned wealth.

HODLing is a way of life. HODLing is faith in a better future. HODLing is confidence in yourself. HODLing is transcending fear. HODLing is independence. HODLing is defiance.




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